About Us

About Us

As a non-profit traditional organization the "Königlich Bayerischen Patrioten München" are dedicated to the Bavarian culture, the Bavarian dialect and to the Bavarian history. Since the foundation of our organization in 1983, we have had close contact and a good relationship with the House of Wittelsbach, whose heads and kings have ruled Bavaria over a period of 738 years. At our events, such as the award ceremony "Georg-Lohmeier-Gedächtnis-Preis" we are always privileged to welcome a royal highness as a guest of honor, which we are very proud of.

We are also member of the "Verband der Königstreuen in Bayern" and take part in numerous events.

We offer our members information about the history and culture of Bavaria through informative lectures and excursions. "Königstreue Patrioten" - these are people like you and me, who want to keep the memory of the monarchy and the Wittelsbach kings alive and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Bavaria.

Our Executive Board comprises the following members:

Helmut Zühlke

design. 1. Vorsitzender

Otto Kolm

design. 2 Vorsitzender

Ralf Wolff-Boenisch

1. Schatzmeister

Hans Stöckel

2. Schatzmeister

Karin Zühlke

1. Schriftführerin

Renate Hruschka

2. Schriftführerin


Since 1996 the "Königlich Bayerischen Patrioten München" annually award the honorary prize "For the preservation of Bavarian culture and customs" - "Für die Erhaltung der bayerischen Kultur und des bayerischen Brauchtums". In 2015, this award was renamed the "Georg-Lohmeier-Gedächtnis-Preis". The honored persons include Georg Lohmeier, Markus Wasmeier, Luitpold Prinz v. Bayern and Jean Louis Schlim.


Every organization is sustained through its members and their commitment. So we are happy when interested people contact us and want to join us. Of course we also welcome non-Bavarians who would like to contribute to the continuity of our various traditions by becoming a member. For more information please contact us via Email.